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Worse film every made


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Well we wouldn't be buying you out with a crystal, that's for fucking sure...



*points to Pat Sharpe avatar*

It's ironic, it's cool, it's kitsch and you, me and everyone else is a cock!

Now-now, to try and answer this young man's question, the worst film ever is anything featuring Don "The Dragon" Wilson. Anyone who feels compelled to add "The Dragon" to their name, as did Don "The Dragon" Wilson is a pitiful and insecure being.

I've never met Don "The Dragon" Wilson and never watched more than one of his films but I'm fairly confident that Don "The Dragon" Wilson never managed to climb out of the low-budget doldrums he was probably born in.

Don "The Dragon" Wilson. Just once more for anyone who didn't catch his name before.

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Starship Trooper 2 was ok. If thats the worst film you've ever seen you need to get more. Or stay in more. Whatever

Did you not watch it?!

Didn't you see the poor effects and the Federation centre with the plastic primary school chairs at the end? OMG OMG OMG

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First off the initial thread poster's spelling was attrocious.

Secondly my worst films are:

Rollerblade Seven


and a review:

Truly a great leap forward in the perfection of painful cinema.

Everything about this film is bad. Acting (if it can be called that), lighting, sound, script (if there was one), editing, direction, camera work, it is all atrocious. There is not a single element that is done well. If I thought that this was intentional then I might give the film some credit but I can not believe people would set out to make such a horendous film.

This film is worth buying and screening to your worst enemies.

And also American Cyborg Steel Warrior


And a review:

I have and will be a fan of bad movies. A bad movie can have a kitchness, grace, and humour all its own. Producers, and actors do things in bad movies they wouldn't do elsewhere. Plots go places normal movies fear to tread. It all makes for a good time.

This is not one of those bad movies.

This is a real honest to goodness, Pol Pot kind of bad movie. I say this primarily because this is not a movie that tried to do well on a tight budget or to some odd notion of what constituted entertainment. It is simply a sloppy piece of makework. Every single area of expertise in film-making is neglected.

The script takes derivative segments from a host of good movies and inexplicably fails to deliver anything that made them good in the first place. Nor are these derivations satirical or funny. The acting is so bad that even the killer robot is unconvincing - something I found suprising since the other actors were so robotically wooden. The props department spent their entire budget on a single handgun and a paper-mache foetus in a jar, something evident through the film by the gun's inexplicably reappearance. The sound fades in and out, which probably the fault of the amateur sound team who let the overhead boom into shot twice.

All in all, the primary emotion I felt while watching the supposedly gripping trials and tribulations of the heroic duo was a restless queasiness, and the urge to bolt from my chair and run shrieking into the night. On only two occasions did humour struggle into the film, the first as a consequence of the robot's infrared vision which is perfectly normal vision where certain objects have been painted bright red. The second is when the prop gun spends an entire scene floating in water next to the actors.

Without a shadow of a doubt this is the worst movie I have ever seen. Do not trust anyone who tells you to watch this movie, they are attempting to do you a psychic injury.

And at number three: The Cell



Total Shit
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You must be a pleasant fella to watch a movie with, mate ;)

I agree that Shawshank is overrated but hate is such a strong word :lol:

Well it's a silly debate. Robot Monster *is* the 'worse' movie ever made. End of thread. But I sat through these three getting steadily more angry about how cliched, tacky and tedious they all were.

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Well it's a silly debate. Robot Monster *is* the 'worse' movie ever made. End of thread. But I sat through these three getting steadily more angry about how cliched, tacky and tedious they all were.

"gorilla suit diving helmet" as it's known in Japan?

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