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Michael Bay - New Superman Director


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She is in the comics. She was in Lois and Clark. She could be in the movie too...

Of course the first step towards that would be not casting fucking Beyonce ("I'm Foxy Cleopatra! Woo!" ;)).

She's a pulitzer prize winning investigative journalist blah blah blah... Ah fuck this. I'm lighting the Phelan signal for this particular argument...

I'll walk straight in and say this.

Lois Lane should be white, have dark hair and be sexy in a pair of glasses and a business suit. Simple as that.

That's how it is and that's how it has always been.

Fuck all to do with with race, fuck all to do with politics.

She is a streetwise reporter who will fight tooth and nail to get her story on the front page and she will do nearly anything to get her story...including shitting all over other reporters. Her dad's a military man who don't take no shit and neither does she.

So no fucking Beyonce!!

She has to be around 28 - 34 and hot! And white. I'm not being racist just sticking with what Lois has always been.

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