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Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII


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Publisher: Square Enix

Platform: Mobile Phone

Genre: RPG

Origin: Japan

Release: September 2004


Here are some new images of Square Enix's mobile phone RPG Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII, the game will be released in Japan in September. The story takes place 6 years before the story of Final Fantasy VII, you play as the Turks in the game.





Chances of release outside of Japan? Slim to none.


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The billboard is also advertising the musical 'Loveless'. Obviously popular as it's still being shown 6 years later...

Either that or they don't take their adverts down.

A GBA release would be most welcome. My phone does handle games okay (my favourite being Mr Driller!) but I'm not sure it's up to this standard.

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In Japan they have more powerful phones which are cheaper and smaller than ours :blink:

I hope this game comes out on an emulator so we can actually play it. :blink:

More like bigger, trust me they have to be bigger to cope with all the stuff they can do! Anyway, any more information about this, such as what phones or cost etc?

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