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Cooperative LAN games


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Two fold question:

Does anyone have any recommendations for decent coop LAN games which offer an experience more than just shooting (Serious Sam) or flawed tactical gameplay (Raven Sheild). We're in need of something special.

Second part: why aren't decent coop games more common? The odd occasion when Raven Shield is working offered some great gaming moments as did Baldurs Gate 2 and the like. With more and more LAN availability, a great coop game could really fill a niche.


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Jeez, I was researching exactly the same thing myself yesterday! I found out that you can play Half-Life co-operatively over a LAN by downloading the Sven Co-Op mod. I haven't tried it yet though- I never got round to it as I had to update half-Life to use it but my interweb had gone down... :blink:

There wasn't much else, tbh. It's a shame- all PC games should have a co-op feature. Does anbody know of any other PC FPSs that have a co-op feature? What about Halo or Return to Castle Wolfenstein?

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Monoploy Tycoon (Much fun on a LAN but not really co-op)

Red Alert 2 (if you can handle setting up IPX Networking)

1nsane (so so funny off road racing game)

Total Annihilation (old but a CLASSIC)

Thare are more but its late and i cant remember that well.

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