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Your most emotionally loaded game... ?


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I wonder if they'll have created software capable of truly pass the Turing Test (in open situations, not just test conditions) my lifetime? It'd certainly be interesting to encounter.

I wonder too. Richard Penrose thinks no. Other, equally well respected scientists/mathematicians say yes. One to watch that.

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In the past:

Flashback - fantastic game excellent ending.

Final Fantasy 7 - THAT bit was such a shock.


Xenogears - Not finished yet, but a couple of the plot developments brought tears to me eyes, got a feeling there may be more at the end. Lost my save game though :) Was just about to hit what I think was the final dungeon (to meet Deus).

KOTOR - Didn't see *THAT* coming from anywhere.

Eternal Darkness - Only game to make me shit myself.

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I've been playing that for the past week. It's nowhere near as bad as people make out.

My own choices:

I used to love Another World, played it through from start to finish more times than I can count, great setpieces with you and your alien mate looking out for you. Cool ending to.

Link to the Past, cause I played it for about an hour on a friends SNES years ago and never saw it again till the GBA reissue and it was every bit as wonderful as I remembered. The rain...

Chronotrigger on emulator, played it obsessively.

Angband / Nethack / all those geek nonsense D+D games that delete your saves when you die. They teach you to fear...

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Some unexpected ones here I guess...

MGS:SoL - especially the bit where she dies.

Quake III - Probably the biggest of the lot, i'm emotionally tied to the online community.

Halo:CE - Not listening to hype I had no idea how amazing this game would turn out to be, I knew from the first 5 minutes of play that this was going to be somthing special. This game also has an emotional bond with me.

Rainbow Six 3 - The weirdest in my list I suppose, but when playing this game online I get extremely emotional be it either because I get taken out from no-where to my yells of cheat! or my sadness of letting my teammates down when getting shot. Especially in big matches, you wouldnt wan't to be on the other side of that Live headset :lol:.

Never got into Deus Ex, it bored me...

Currently playing Half-Life... Looks interesting

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( [sheep.jpg] :) )

Again, it's partly about it being a particular time of my life, I guess. It hit me in a way I couldn't have been prepared for. It was emotional, epic, exciting, compelling, atmospheric and generally incredible.

Nothing else has come close, ever.

So much of the emotional charge in that game comes from Uematsu's score. Its by far his best and most consistent work (alongside maybe FFIV): the themes in Midgar perfectly augment the desperation of the slums- They have a real blade runner type melancholy that he never really replicated (or even tried to) in the later games.

Midgar theme

city of ancients

the beautifully orchestrated aerith's theme

A hardcore music memorabilia collector may be interested in this...


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Agree with FF7, FF8, another world, space channel 5, ico and a load of others. I'm a wuss and have been reduced to a sobbing wreck by all manner of games.

Don't think anyone has mentioned Homeworld, but that's a game that really grabs you by the emotional cock and drags you in. Utterly, utterly engrossing and if you have any heart you will cry at the end.*

*you have to be a wuss too, obviously

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Everytime its mentioned, I just remember the scene when Otacon, Snake and Raiden 'strut' towards the screen in slow motion....

:) Cringe meter at 110%

Yeah, but the music makes that scene ;)

Edit: And the parrot.

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Well, strange as it may seem, the Championship Manager series from 97/98 up to 01/02 for me. My friend and I played these for many a game hour, the ups and downs of football management. It also evokes memories of good times, too.

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The Sonic Series, Sonic on the master system was my first video game and sonic has always been my faverate videogame character,defeating the last boss when your heart is pumping to the max fantabulistic!, and disopointment by the crappyness of Sonic Heros.

The Shenmue series, I realy liked the relationship between Ryo and Nozomi, that was something I missed in the sequal. Oh and of corse the wonderfull music and engaging story, i would do ANYTHING for a sequal.

Creatures 1 and 2 (PC). the excitement the days before I was going to get cratures 2 i was dreaming about it, but then i found out my computer wasnt powerfull enough to run it :) but then a year or so later when i got my computer upgraded, oh the joy!

Ico I just completed this a few minutes ago I diddnt feel enything except a bit of disapointment at how short it all was (11 hours) and how simple to defeat the last boss was. The main emotion i felt when playing was fear, When you left the girl alone you new that soon the black things would come and when she screamed it always made me jump, I actualy had to stop playing once because i got to scared (it was early in the morning and was dark), it has great level design though.

Oh and the oddworld series was good!

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Parts of Skies of Arcadia were very moving: the story of that sky-whale hunting ship's captain was really sad, and the bit before the epic ship battle at the end was great... spoiler: when all those people you'd met throughout the game, who were pissed off with Galcian, turned up to join your rag-tag fleet, and assist you in kicking Galcian's ass. Pity they didn't play a meangingful role in the battle itself - so the great moment was immediately followed by a let-down.

Actually, I find that most Japanese roleplaying games have at least one tear-jerking and one laugh-out-loud funny moment.

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I don't mean to sound obvious or l33t du jour, but Ninja Gaiden has me going through a lot of emotions right now. From nerve-wracked to raging to nerve-wracked to triumphant. There's probably quite a few more raging sections in there as it can take quite a few goes for me to get it right. Bloody loving it.

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