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Sega Saturn Magazine issue 22 scan

DJ Sack

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That's great, thanks for posting the link! :P

It can be so funny reading old magazines. In the E3 feature of that issue, one of the writers comments on how good Metal Gear Solid looked for the PS, and says: "A Saturn conversion is likely, if demand is high enough" :wub: I remember reading Mega Drive magazines when I was a kid, and lots of people wrote in asking when the "Giga Drive" would be released <_< Of course, they were referring to what would end up being now as the Saturn, but it's funny when you look back

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Sack, I've got the entire collection of SSM and I began scanning issue 1 last night. I've got the first few pages scanned into a PDF (doesn't half take ages :twisted:), just in case you want any help with this?

The file I've got is quite large (almost 2 MB) and it's only about 10 or so pages, is there any good way to get the filesize down without really hurting the images quality?

This is what I've got so far. I suppose zipping it would be a good idea...

Edit - I've opted to miss out full-page adverts wherever they appear.

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