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Which way now?

Davros sock drawer

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I keep replaying it to get all the different routes and stuff and has anybody else noticed that manticore keeps popping up everywhere randomly. And occasionally appears on the start page... weird.

Yes. I became a hobo, went to Delaware, ate some hobo beans, had a nap and got eaten by Manticore.

I like the way it carries on when you click "Start Again". The first time I did it, a little platform game came up.

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A site where you put a picture of a kitten on something else and everyone goes woo yay.

I don't go there, I just signed up to the newsletter because it's just full of links to funny, cool and stupid stuff.

It was just above a FAQ by Biffo:

Remember those point and click adventures

like Space Quest and Myst? How much better

would they be if the writers dispensed with

the game element and simply concentrated

on amusing you? Best bits? The oedipal time

machine and the part with Hitler.


>> Best FAQ in the world <<

Mr Biffo is a writer most known for his

irreverant games reviews on the Channel 4

teletext service Digitiser

. His FAQ, detailing

his falling out with his employers, makes

entertaining reading.


Now someone go off and make a thread about that :unsure:

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