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Edge 139


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I feel I must add that as a consequence of not having this tee shirt I had no backing when trying to persuade a friend to not take up ecstasy. "Its not for everyone, its just for me and my dawg" I said. "Have you a piece of clothing to back this up?" he replied. "No" I said sadly as he run off into the night.


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I got my copy of Edge, the two free magazines, and the DVD through the letter box today. My postman obviously took it upon himself to rip open the bag, remove the DVD and then post it through separately so as to fit everything through the letter box. My postman does tend to take liberties, though. Such as leaving parcels that won't fit through the letter box on the floor outside the door ... which would be fine if the front door didn't open directly onto the pavement.

Definitely something of an oversight from Future about letter box sizes.

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odd my bag was opened but everything came in the one bag, dvd included as well as the two free mags.

my first impressions were "why is Blade on the cover of Edge?"

then i looked at the back to see Tekken 5, so is Blade in Tekken 5 or are the character designs really that crap.

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Some thought provoking comments in the reviews and columns this month. Good stuff.

I noticed that and wondered if it was 'our' Edge they meant. They did wish Edge a happy tenth birthday I recall so it's quite likely.

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The DVD was pretty average, really, except for the thing following around the guy from Edge- that actually seemed insightful. The trailers were hideous, though.

The magazine itself was one of the best issues yet- nice interviews and interesting features, the reviews were pleasingly passionate about old-fashioned good gaming and just descriptive enough (the Driv3r review convinced one of my flatmates that it was a must-rent for all the hilarious bugs). Good sense of humour slipping in too- the description of the Nintendo Eyetoy thing trademarks was aces.

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