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Best FF battle system - spells like Haste and Slow are actually useful now.

Supporting cast are great (Wakka, Lulu, Auron and Kimahri)

Lots of sidequests

Cool enemies and original art direction (has it's own feel)

Some very good voice acting and lovely music

Very open ended up levelling up system.


Linear until the last 1/4 of the game

Getting some of the ultimate weapons are too difficult/tedious to bother with (avoiding 200 lightning bolts?)

The main 2 characters (Yuna and Tidus) voice acting is too forced and the translation from the Japanese script was sometimes changed to match mouth movements as opposed to the meaning (I can only think of one example)

Same old 'level up' gameplay - may not be a nay.

Verdict: If it's cheap, buy it. I couldn't put it down - clocked up 58 hours in one week. It's pretty cool.

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Best FF plot wise in my opinion. Excellent plot twists all over the place. All the characters actually have a reason to be in your party too, unlike some rpg's where theyre just there for no reason, and they also have some depth to them. Only thing I didnt like was the level up system, mainly because it forced you to fight to get the spheres.

Borders are really bad, and it is in 50 Hz, but hey, it pretty much IS the International version. The US didnt get that version at all, from what I've heard.

As a result, all the extra super hard bosses are there in the Pal game, which arent in the US version.

As you can probably tell from my above, um, rant, I enjoyed it. A lot.

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well, i had my first go last night, although the little lady would only warrant me 30 minutes, so i only got to the first save point.

the voice acting does seem poor, but i'll probably be more likely to read the text and skip the speech, so i'll probably not be too bothered by it. its got me intrigued at least - i'll certainly be looking forward to getting back to it.

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