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HD Loader for PS2.


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I didn't realise that you could use off the shelf PC HD's as well as the official PS2 one, although you can't run FFXI, RE Outbreak or any other games which offically support the PS2 HD then.

There's a PAL version here - http://www.divineo.co.uk/cgi-bin/div-uk/ps2-hdlp.html

Seems very nice, but is it worth it for shorter loading times and less wear & tear on your laser?

Obviously there's the whole rent copy and return thing but, we're not that tight are we? ...


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it seems like maxtor drives are the most compatiable, my 80 gig one works fine...

contra shattered soldier and gradius 3/4 dont install...

Ive managed to get the hdloader installed to my memcard and its runs quite wonderfully....

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Have you noticed that the HDloader is more buggy when run from the MC? Ridge Racer V never crashed on my original hdloader but it does when loading from the memory card.

I didn't have any trouble installing a CD-R of Gradius III & IV but I haven't been able to install a original Contra or a downloaded copy.

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i have it with a maxtor 120gb hd, pal ps2

most originals install and play fine

copies also install fine (i have a messiah 2 mod)

the only problem i had was installing we7i wedoit version. (cdr - dvd rip)

apart from that and dvd9 games i think its good ;)

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