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PC - Operation Flashpoint and Mods


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So, have been playing OFP for a long time now - but have only really recently started looking at mods to extend play, other than a few MP missions to bulk out the default selection of mp maps.

So have downloaded BAS Tonal and the Seb Nam Pack, a dynamic range sound add-on, am in the process of getting the Finnish Defence Forces mod and am now looking for other mods that will enhance the experience (graphical/textures/sounds/models etc) or that will just supply us with more community made missions.

Have just come across an add-on from a chap whose name is mentioned alot in OFP editing circles, Kegetys, whose DXDLL can now add reflextive water, postprocessing effects, trilinear filtering etc. - tidying up the engine a little.

Any other suggestions any of you could throw my way?

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I've recently downloaded the finnish forces mod and am waiting until my new PC arrives before I give it a go. I've seen pictures of the legowars mod and frankly it looks awesome. This stuff about tidying up the engine is extremely interesting, link me up?

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