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PS2 arcade converisons


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i'm an arcade freak about to buy a PS2, so i need some recommendations. doesn't matter if it's import. i'm thinking of getting:

initial d: special stage

tekken 4

battle gear 3 (i love this in the arcades)

king of route 66

anything else out there to get?

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Virtua Racing: Flat Out


VF4 Evo

Guilty Gear XX #R

SF3 3rd Strike

DoDonPachi Dai ou jou

Gradius V is out soon...

JPN PS2 = arcade bliss.

Edit: Oh, and stuff like Taiko no Tatsujin is also a lot of fun. I'd suggest waiting for the US version coming out soon, though, unless you know a fair bit of Japanese.

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Metal Slug 3 (SNK/Playmore)

Metal Slug 4 (SNK/Playmore)

Saikyo Shooting Collection Vol.1: Strikers 1945 I & II (Psy

Gradius 3 and 3 (its quite cheap)


Outrun (Sega Ages 13) *

The Castle of Shikigami / Shikigami No Shiro 1 + 2 (Taito arcade shumps)

Densha De Go Final (Taitio - orignal was a train driving arcade game) *

Gunbird 1 and 2 (Atlus)

Hudson Selection Vol. 2: Star Soldier

Time Crisis 3 (Namco)

Silient Scope 3 (Konami)

Psyvariar Complete Edition (Revision available on budget)

XII Stag (Taito)

Warrior Blade: Rastan vs Barbarian (Taito – okay – another update)

Super Puzzle Bomber 2

Jet De Go 2 (Jet de go was an arcade flight sim)

R-Type final (not a conversion – but could be)

Ridge Racer series

Theres many retro collections available on PS2 by the likes of Hudson and Sega (Ages).

Also look out for titles with “Tatio” - the best as these are the same as our budget game titles.

Those marked with a Star have been reviewed in the reviews section.

Also note that PS1 games work on Ps2's and the Ps1 also had many arcade conversions.

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it's a shame if it's true about the loading etc because, i really enjoyed the arcade version of route 66, however the reviewer doesn't even know it exists, and overall the review was very bad. who the hell wants to read his pointless rants about "good" programming? somebody should teach him some basic html so his page fits 800x600. and he thinks this is too hard? put this guy in front of ikaruga/F355 then. 18 wheeler on the DC/arcade was quite fun in my opinion, but a bit short. well i might rent it first for a day..

speaking of F355, is there any difference between the DC and PS2 versions?

Afterbirth, thanks for that list ;)

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I haven't played the PS2 version, but heard its not so good: no analogue triggers.

Yep, no analogue acceleration of braking, meaning it's prone to swapping ends often and spectacularly. It's shit as a result. Despite being in lovely 60Hz and widescreen.

Shockingly let down by something so simple.

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Crazy Taxi is quite bad as well. Not only does it not look as refined as the Dreamcast version, but thanks to woeful conversion (the same team as Route 66, natch) it has to load mid-level. The cretins.

The Gamecube version is fantastic though, with 60Hz and gorgeous, bright graphics. Very strange...

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