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Alan Stock - GameS Designer

Alan Stock

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Well I'm happy to say I have been offered a game design job at Big Big Studios in Leamington Spa!

I start on the 23rd of August, and my job title will be Junior Designer, working with the the lead designer on a game. Unfortattely I can't really say anything about the game I'll be working on (not that I know that much about it myself yet!). Big Big Studios is a newish company, no titles released yet and is only small - about 20 people. Some of the staff have worked on games like Colin Mcrae and Toca. The people I've met there seem nice and know what they are talking about, I think I'll get on well and learn a lot!

I'll have a 3 month probationary period which I hopefully will pass ;)

Now I have about a month to organise moving to Leamington. Argh - organistation chaos! If anyone lives near there or knows anything about it, advice and stuff is welcomed!

I just wanted to post this to thank all the people from here who've supported and encouraged me in the past few years as I've been aiming to go straight into the industry in a design position for some time now. Thanks all, my journey into game design is on track!


And to those trying to get a job in the industry or thinking about it - never give up: Focus, determination, patience and dedication will get you there in the end!

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Well done Alan.

The nicest of all forumites gets what he dreamed of. Thats Karma that is.

May I be the first to suggest you go for the Hugo licence and base the plot around saving a young mermaid from dyslexia. It'll go platinum.

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Well done, Alan. Posted re: Leamington in the other thread!

So it's another "Big..." studio in Leamington eh?

Big Picture Interactive

Big Jump

Big Big Studios

Odd names for small studios!

I think Big Red Software (who did the Seymour games for the 8-bits) were based there too.

Very strange.

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