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Brilliant fantastic dance albums please


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I really need some.

Let me explain: I really like my dance music, but my album collection only extends as far as Moby and Daft Punk (edit: and LemonJelly actually) in this general area.

As a barometer, I always enjoy Pete Tong's Essential Selection on Friday nights on Radio 1. It's ace. So bearing this fact in mind, recommend the top quality 2 or 3 dance albums my collection needs... Because dear God it needs them.


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Paperclip People - The Secret Tapes of Dr. Eich is good if you like Daft Punk's first album. Underworld are great too - try their live album Everything, Everything. Leftfield - Leftism is an alltime classic.

Orbital are essential - The Middle of Nowhere is a good starting point.

Most of my dance music tastes err more towards the Aphex Twin/Squarepusher side, both of whom I'd recommend wholeheartedly but they probably not what you're after.

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Jaques Lu Cont - FabricLive.

Deep Dish - Yoshiesque II.

Dave Seaman - Renaissance Masters.

Studio albums:

Way Out West - Intesify

Leftfield - Leftism.

Underworld - Everything, Everything

Deep Dish - Junk Science

I've tried to keep it in mind that you like Tong (I'm no big fan myself) and so none of these should startle or annoy you.

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Mylo - Destroy Rock & Roll

Mylo has produced a refreshing and at times startling debut in the form of Destroy Rock & Roll. Sophisticated electro stabs, classy breaks and fat-bottomed bass lines characterise his rich, varied and well-balanced sound. Influenced by artists such as Prince ("Guilty of Love"), Daft Punk ("Ottos Journey") and even Scissor Sisters ("Musclecar Reform Reprise"), this album includes the high-octane guitar title-track single "Destroy Rock & Roll"
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Propellerheads - Decksanddrumsandrockandroll.

Also does anyone know what the song was where the video was a Morecombe and Wise dancing around the kitchen, cutting grapefruit and making toast clone?

was it Crash? the Mini-me Austin Powers fight music in the second film.

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Nuyorcian Soul - Nuyorcian Soul - Utterly brillaint live jazzy, latin house album.

Underworld - Dubnobasswithmyheadman - Prog house supreme

Pete Tong - Essential Mix 2000 - His best

Sunburst Band - Until the end of time - House at it's finest

Danny Tenaglia - GU London - A lesson in mixing

Jazzanova - Mixing! - Great mix of jazz, deep house and old classics.

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Freeland -NOw & Them

Freeland -FabricLive

iLs - soul trader

spot of breakbeat these.

i'm all over the dnb side of things which probably not what you're after at all.

stacey pullen's fabric mix is ace though.

sasha - xpander and GU mix san francisco

Quantic - the 5th Exotic and APricot Morning - i love these.

David Holmes - Lets Get Killed (technically 'dance' but waaaay too funky)

Giles Petersen...pretty much anything'll do.

me like plenty of them aphexmetwin stuff...

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