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The Problem with 3D fighting games

DJ Sack

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I think you'll find all good fighters (incl SF2) use PSR relationship. Jab beats Heavy, Heavy beats medium and Medium beats Jab in SF2 (and so on for kicks).

Or in Soul Calibur, Vertical breaks Horizontal, Horizontal stops Sidestep, Sidestep dodges Vertical.

It's a neat enough system for a game, but I'd really just love to see a really visceral fighting game where it's basically moving your limbs around, and if you button bash your character appears to be being electrocuted.

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They simply aren't as good as 2d fighters. There was no need for them to exist in the first place (bar to show off graphical prowess of arcade/consoles/whatever). However, we're stuck with them now, and they're all rubbish.

I'm glad we are stuck with them; I simply can't get my head around 2D fighting games at all! I need to be able to see impending animations and predict where they're going to go, rather than pressing buttons to instant results.

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