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Transformers Live Action


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What's the vibe on this, then (as I haven't read any of the thread)?

I saw the trailer yesterday, and from that I deduce that it is more a film about focusing on humans than big stompy robots, and therefore will be shit. Anybody know anything different?

That this will be complete and utter shit I think is the best way to describe the vibe on here. Personally Im more optimistic as if there is one thing Mr Bay can do well it is to make huge explosions and smash things up, add giant robots to the mix and you cant really go wrong. :(

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From Joblo.com

I don't really need a new development to get me more excited about the upcoming Michael Bay TRANSFORMERS movie. That said, there is one anyway: turns out that when the MPAA took a look at the first cut for the movie, they slapped it with a rating of "R" for intense action and violence. Apparently, Bay didn't want to cut the film and so instead, decided to call on the help of Steven Spielberg - who serves as executive producer on the movie - to ask the MPAA to have a change of heart. Turns out that's exactly what happened as the film has now been given a PG-13 rating.

What this hopefully means is that anybody who was worried about how Bay would handle the source material can at the very least rest assured that there's going to be some real action and bloodshed involved. I'm not sure how great that is in the grand scheme of things, but at least we can rest fairly assured that Bay's movie is going to be a mature one.

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On one hand, that's good. On the other, it goes to show how stupid the MPAA system is when they change their minds just because Spielberg asks :( I know there have been stories about Spielberg and such big names getting special treatment like that in the past, but this is just so blatantly out in the open.

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The description of the Blackout scene sounds pretty good... and he's one of the best of the new designs. At least the robot-smashes-things-up scenes should be decent... balanced out by some vomitous dialogue scenes probably.

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Ah, 'good' old Wheelie. The big man's reaction to him in this clip just about sums it up really:


The fact that they make the actual transforming sound is probably the first piece of good news I've heard about this film. ^_^

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Hugo Weaving to Voice Megatron

Source: SectorSeven.org

March 24, 2007

The Transformers movie promo site SectorSeven.org has revealed that Hugo Weaving ("The Matrix" trilogy, "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, V For Vendetta) will voice Megatron in director Michael Bay's big screen adaptation, opening July 4.

You can access the site using the password "NBETWO." Then click on the scorpion at the bottom and you'll get a list of e-mails. Click the first one, "Counter-Information Campaign," and you can read the e-mail that reveals the casting.

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Not a bad choice... wonder how much they're going to process his voice?

He's got a pretty recognisable voice so I hope it's got a nice distorted effect to disguise it a bit.

In fact I'm really hoping all the robots have interesting voice effects... when the original cartoon had something as iconic as Soundwave's vocoded voice, the film's a massive excuse to go all out with the sound and speech effects.

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This is out next week! What the F?


Oh, wait, three weeks later.

Austria 4 July 2007

Denmark 4 July 2007

Finland 4 July 2007

Germany 4 July 2007

Italy 4 July 2007

Norway 4 July 2007

Russia 4 July 2007

South Korea 4 July 2007

Sweden 4 July 2007

USA 4 July 2007

Israel 5 July 2007

Netherlands 5 July 2007

Spain 6 July 2007

Turkey 6 July 2007

UK 27 July 2007


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