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Transformers Live Action


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All this topic proves is that people on rllmuk are too jaded to enjoy decent popcorn flicks anymore.

That's crap. There's a lot of love on this forum for good popcorn movies. Some recent examples are The Host, Ratatouille, Shoot Em Up, Crank, Flight of the Living Dead etc., and most of us are eager and hopeful for Rambo. It's this soulless, cynical, poorly made garbage that we hate.

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amazingly i just got round to watching this today. what a load of old chutney!

admittedly, the final act where it all kicks of was very enjoyable with lots of shit blowing up and some nice set pieces - Starscream transforming in mid-air and taking out the jets was very well done - but they could have easily knocked 30 or 40 minutes out and removed the shitty, shitty beginning with the kid getting the car and whatnot. you have to have some kind of human element but it should have been a 10 minute opening then *wallop*, 80 minutes of carnage. it was what i kind of hoped a Transformers flick would be, with the robots having real presence and weight kicking the shit out of each other, with lots of moving parts and super-fine detail. i'll probably watch the last third again and pause it to check out how they are put together.

but what the fuck was that skittery little robot about, the one that turned into an Alba stereo - was that Soundwave? fuck me.

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I'm so glad this thread got bumped.

Transformers, was indeed, shit. In the sequel maybe we could have some more colourful characters? Then we would be able to tell what the fuck was happening in the fights, as opposed to just seeing a big blob of grey metal.

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I had a weird dream last night in which I was indirectly responsible for the torture and death of all the Autobots.

I went home and read a book afterwards.

I guess I got this premonition by mistake, and it was meant to go to Michael Bay. Sorry guys. Could've nipped this whole franchise in the bud.

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