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What is your favorite sound effect in a game ever?


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Ecco the Dolphin - Ecco being crashed nose-first into a rock.

Syndicate - Minigun. And the Gauss Gun also, come to think.

The hit noises from Tekken - *PCKUSSSSHHh!* *BSSSHHHhh!"

The taunts from Blood 2 - "I'll beat you like a bad stepchild." "Ahhh, your death'll be that of a weakling!"

The sound from the "loading" screen in Halo - Sad.

And I never heard it, but the lass from Shadow Fighter (on the Amiga) who apparently announced all her moves by shouting "Student!" cracked me up as it was presented in AP at the time:

"Student!" BASH! POW! Aagggh!

"Student!" BISH BISH KAPOW! Oof!

"Student!" CRUNCH! SMASH Owww etc.

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"He got an Elite! Ruuuuun!" - especially when you weren't sure whether or not you got the Elite :lol:.

The Sonic got a Chaos Emerald jingle.

The sound of a Burnout 2 CPU car who was just behind you crashing into an oil tanker.

"Perfect" in Kurushi when you manage to get through a section without destroying any black cubes.

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The PSO 'connecting' screen noise brings back exited memories of a joyous and imminent 8-14 hour stint.

Keyboard in comfortable reach: Check.

Fags: Check.

Snacks: Check.

Liquids: Check.

Piss bucket: Check.

Fucking miss that game. :lol:

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My faves are more short musical sound bites than sound effects...

*The 12 musical notes on the Konami screen, during the pre title-screen loading of the original Playstation Metal Gear Solid.

*The Final Fantasy post-battle victory sound clip.

*The music that plays in Zelda:OoT when you learn a new ocarina tune.

*The title screen music of PSO

*The title screen music of Shenmue

*Halo's title screen music

There are some sound effect ones though...

*The CLASSICS... ring collecting of the Sonic series, and coin collecting of Mario

*PSO's menu selection confirmation sound effect

*Shenmue's menu selection confirmation sound effect

*The cute lil high pitched voices on Worm's

*"Sonic-team-eh" - ChuChu Rocket's Sonic Team logo screen

*"SEEEY-GAAA" - old Megadrive SEGA screen (Sonic titles, amongst others)

*"EA Sports; It's in the game" - Fifa International Soccer (before EA got complacent)

*"Heee's on FIRE!" - NBA Jam

*"Lui Kang Wins... Fatality" Mortal Kombat series

*"Friendship, Friendship.. again?" Mortal Kombat 3

*Hadooken!" - Ryu, Street Fighter 2

*"grrrr-andTheftAuto" - Original GTA, PSone

Also, there's some dialogue ones too...

*"Metaaal GEEEAR?!?" (Solid Snake, inside DARPA cheif's cell, MGS1)

*"Have at you Snake!" (Liquid Snake, atop Metal Gear Rex, MGS1)

*"I'm YOU! I'M YOUR SHADOW!" (Liquid Snake, Hind D battle, MGS1)

*"BROTHERRS!" (Liquid Snake/Ocelot, piloting Metal Gear Ray, MGS2)

*"REEESIDENT EEEVIL" (title screen, all Resident Evil titles)

*"hmm"... "A black car?"..."I see..." etc, etc (Ryo Hazuki, Shenmue titles)

*"This is my story" (Tidus, FFX)

ooh, so many! :lol:

ooh, the memories! ;)

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- Death screem in Altered Beast (UUUUURRRRRGGGHHHH!!!).

That death scream in Golden Axe. You know the one. "Aaahhh gaaaaaaaauuuugggghhhh".

And the sound of Mickey Mouse clunking his head on something in Castle of Illusion on the Megadrive.

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The headless, screaming, exploding guys from Serious Sam. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggghhhhh! Also the little tune that plays in Commodore 64 'Blagger' whenever you collect a key: 'In the blue-ridged mountains of Virginia on the trail of the lonesome pine'. It just didn't make any sense at all!

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Persuadertron in Syndicate - "shigga shigga"

Shao Kahn on MKII - "I WIN"

Prince of Persia (original) when you run into a wall - "poh-ah!"

Flood when you pick up some litter - "er er er er er.. goombah!"

Any noise off UFO Enemy Unknown - probably on a par with Doom for most ripped off sound effects ever.

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