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Final Fantasy VIII

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There's a free prog over at zophar.net called 'PSXmc' that lets you rip the FMVs out of Playstation games.

I just downloaded it and it works well. Although for some reason, I can't download anything from zophar.net. It keeps saying "access denied" when I try to download a file. I managed to get it from the Japanese site it comes from though.

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Following on from this, does anyone know if there's Action replay or Xploder codes to give you more items on FFVIII? I've been stuck on a save file with me fighting sorceress Adelle for over a year now but I simply dont have enough recover items :(

Also, would Xploder/Action Replay work playing the game on PS2?


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IMO, that stupid 'eyes on me' song only made an unsatisfying and super-cheesy ending even worse.

And even the credits were FMV, which were annoying for me at least because my first generation Playstation was dying a slow and painful death as it struggled to run.

I'm the opposite. I thought the ending FMV was dull, and that the only thing good about it was 'Eyes on Me'.

Funny, that.

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Thanks for the link to the program, I can rip the opening sequence to Gran Turismo now, love that. I never really got into FFVIII as I did with FFVII, hence why I got to CD 2 and gave up, I'm hoping to get it again on PC (as I have done with FFVII) so I can give it another try.

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Hmmm, I didn't have to use an action replay for FFVIII and I don't remember Ultimecia taking 2 hours. Actually, maybe she did - there were at least 2 forms I think. NOT a very enjoyable end boss as I recall :).

Took me 2 and a half hours.

It goes:

- Ultimecia human form (piss easy)

- Griever (easy enough until he hits you with Pulsar)

- Griever/Ultimecia combined (long and difficult)

- Ultimecia final (as tough as all the others combined, with the best freaking music ever!)

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It varies greatly depending on level from the sounds of it. It took me 1hr 30mins on my 7th or 8th go - my levels were well and truly fucked (Sq 40, Quistis 30, Rinoa 19), and as such it was a pain in the arse. I ended up using Q/R to heal Squall while he kicked ass. When I finally did it, with just Squall standing, I nearly screamed :lol:

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