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The Magnificent Seven

Hello Goaty ♥

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Heh, I just watched The Magnificent Seven this afternoon on the telly, what a film B)

now, Imagine a console or PC game based on the concept of the film?

-where you arrive to protect and train a small community, with the threat of the impending attack from the baddies,

at a given date and time from the townsfolk.

e.g : "Senior! El Bastardo says he will return to attack us at midday on the 30th December. - you must help us! "

- you'd have this given time to make or break the final confrontation, by setting up traps, aquiring hired guns and training the townsfolk how to fend for themselves. - there could be a few minor ambushes and similar events to prepare you for the final showdown.

obviously, you would have save games, and could fall back on a game save if you failed to protect the townsfolk one way or another. - or even start over if you chose to.

imagine the tension, as a warning is sounded, and El Bastardo is on his way!

- can a good games producer read this, and make it please?

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