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not sure if theyll make it out by the years end but.....

Shining Force PS2

Shining Tears PS2 (playes like Soul but only 2 players ;) )

also Shenmue 3 was confirmed for the x-box but that was a summer 2005 release*

*only kidding of course

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Sega Rally 3 is in development for the PS2

I remember someone saying the arcade version was nearing completion about a year ago and I've still not seen a single shot of it ever. I don't even believe it exists any more.

Fuck it, forget Sega Rally 3, they should just do a PAL release of Initial D Special Stage already.

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It would be nice to see Sega Rally on the Xbox, after the dusastrous F355 Challenge conversion I fear that Sega might ruin it. Does anyone remember that Zombie Revenge was meant to be released for the PS2?. What happened to that?.

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Headhunter: Redemption?

Out in September, I believe - finished it over the weekend (for review, don't you know) and have to admit, I really enjoyed it. Although according to some people here, enjoying a game through to the end and feeling compelled to do so because of the incredibly interesting storyline doesn't actually mean the game's any good.

Bah. ;):o

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Thats been out for months hasn't it? it was £19.99 in game last week and is meant to be really shit.

It is... but then, Sammy released it under the SEGA banner because of the buy-out. Actual SEGA programmers had nothing to do with it, thank god.

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I disagree that the original Headhunter was clumsy - I really enjoyed it and thought it was a real shame that it got lost simply because everyone was too busy waiting for Metal Gear Solid.

Redemption's good, if a little linear; there's only really one way to solve every puzzle, so you won't hardly find anything outside what you need to get through each area. Even if you do come across anything resembling a dead-end (a locked door, an inactive panel, whatever), it'll always be used later on. Nothing really secret... well, except the five secrets. :o

Still, I really enjoyed it. The story's brilliant, if a little sick at the end. Won't spoil it, but the writer's twisted.

And Duncan - if, by one game, you're referring to Samba De Amigo in SEGA Superstars, you might be a little disappointed. It's good fun, but not a patch on the Dreamcast version, because it doesn't work quite as well with the Eyetoy. But then, as a part of a 12-game package, you can't really complain.

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