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Another blast-from-the-past - Otogi


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I managed to do the dreaded "None Shall Pass" by running as fast as I could to the bad guy. I hated that level.

I didn't even know you could level up. ;)

Lovely looking and sounding but extremely rubbish.

And why did the levels have a time limit of sorts.


Yet another game I will never bother completing.

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Once you 'understand' the mechanics there is nothing like it. The game forces you to use the right weapons and magic and create mass destrucction.

Most games explain the mechanics to you in the early levels, or have a tutorial, or aren't wilfully and headfuckingly obtuse about them though. ;)

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You're fucking kidding me.

I mean really, you are fucking kidding me? Right?

Jesus. I thought I was just shit or something. I was disappointed and I only paid £15 for it.

"None shall pass." Hit by *something*. Falls down what might be a hole, maybe...

I only paid £10 for it - thankgod. I really am struggling to see how it merits anything beyond a 5/10 tbh. It's not the graphics, control or anything - it's the insane difficulty and tediously difficult progression of the game that hampers it. It simply isn't engaging enough to warrant persistance.

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Okok, 'none shall pass' might be a annoying but 'purify this area' is godlike. Instead of the usual 'kill every fucking thing!!' your task now is to purify. Love it! It makes me feel noble.

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It turned out to be yet another game that I tried to convince myself was actually special...but turned out to be very dull. For all the negative points already listed, but mainly for the lack of speed, lack of storyline and general lack of character. Repetitive combos don't help matters and the whole package just feels 'weak' somehow.

I do LOVE the loading screen though. Classy.

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You have to play through the first two or three levels over and over till you've levelled up. :(

Bollocks. Just learn to dodge the rocks at the beginning and it's absloute piss.

Ignore the enemies, just go straight to the fucking tower/boss/thing and give it a battering. Simple.

The bridge level with the cursed water, and the one on the ship being sunk by, er, slimes though... ooh, they were evil.

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I liked it at first and never finished it. It got boring. I want to sell it.

Sell it to meee! (I had it for only a day or two as the disc was knackered from Gamestation, and when I returned it they didn't have any replacements so it had to go :()

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You're all fucking dead inside.

It's a stonking game, and you know it. And if you can't even get past the 'none shall pass' bit, you just suck. It really isn't that hard.


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I've given this another shot, progressing through the earlier levels (again...and again) and finally getting past the "none shall pass" level, and to be perfectly honest, I'm roundabout of the same opinion as I was before.

Gameplay strikes me as being a bit shallow. Now I know you can chain different sword slashes and magic into one combo, but it just isn't floating my boat, especially since I find myself repeating this combo endlessly. The levels (I'm now upto the moon level, or something), whilst gorgeous to behold are just a little bit small in scale and don't do the graphics full justice.

It just reeks of average. Average isn't bad, not by any stretch, but I find myself wanting to progress not because of the story, not because of the RPG-esque upgrade system -

I just want to see how lovely the next level looks, which simply isn't enough.

I can see the appeal to many of this game, and it isn't unjust, but it's just another case of marmite syndrome.

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I remember the "None Shall Pass" level well.

If only I'd know you can "fly" out of falling (R trigger + Y repeatedly) then I would have passed it easily.

My flatmate repeatedly mocked me, and said "None Shall Pass" at every possible oppertunity. He then started playing the game, and got up to the level. Aha! I thought. Now he will know the pain, and I shall mock him!

He passed it first (or second?) time.


I attempted to convince myself the game was special, and kept playing. And some parts of it ARE special. But I just hate the "frustrate the hell out of you" difficultly, which contrasts starkly to Ninja Gaiden's "Bring it on" difficulty, if you know what I mean.

PS And the level with the falling ice shards, with the damn aweful boss at the end, I hate thee.

PPS "None shall pass" refers to the enemy being anal retentive.

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tsk,gimps,"none shall pass" is a play on the name of an esoteric japanese poet 'hai nun shar pahs' he lived thru' the 13thC....look it up,he was also assassinated by a dagger in the back......if that aint a hint?

Now that I know that I'm sure I'll enjoy the level immensely if I ever choose to play it again.

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