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Like Iron Maiden? Like Electro/Leftfield Dance?

jeff mills gran

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Powerslaves: An Elektro tribute to Iron Maiden

If one album this year had to reflect our personal attitude to music then a shit-load of Iron Maiden cover versions by some dodgy European break-dancers/dominatrixs nicely sums it up, I think. Forget about The Darkness style screaming and satanic axe riffs. No. This is something all together different and if you're not that well up on the Maiden (apart from their hits) like me, you'll have trouble recognising anything. The vocals are either in a robotic 'Battlestar Gallactica type vocoder mode such as on 'Wasted Years' by RA-X or sung by a Kraut Dominatrix on either smack or crack depending on the tempo see the Legowelt/Macondo versions for further evidence, oh yeah and some camp Berliner blokes makes a damn good jobs of 'Die with your boots on' and 'The Trooper' too. I'll be honest with you, the concept of this album alone would force me to say nice things about it but after about my third listen I realised it's a genuinely fantastic 'going out' album. It's strengths lying in it's boundless energy and completely alternate take on fourteen 80's spandex stadium metal making it exceptionally original, especially when you (occasionally) remember that it's a tribute album. Apparently the band and their management have all heard it and they love it too, so now you have no excuse to worry about offending anyone. Come on get your pink stripey leotard on and let's run to the pills!!!!!

12" 4- track Vinyl and Full CD Version.

I've got the 12" and its fucking brillant (and in coloured red vinyl, which is suitably Satan-like).. Assume that the CD is just as good. 666 out of 700.

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