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August CD Mix Club


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Current Participants for August are listed below. This list will be updated in this post. Final List will be made on Sunday 8th August and PMs will be sent the same day.





jeff mills gran

David Heath






Nada Surf

Palo Alto

Seedy Gord


Mustard Monkey

Johnny Gambler

le sai


Billy Brown








How does this work?

Every month you make a CD of whatever music you wish, which you send to another forumite. You will also receive a CD of music but from another different forum member. A PM will be sent to everyone taking part (normally a week into the month) with the name & address of the forum member you must send your CD to.

Can I join in?

Sure. If you want to join in just send a PM to me with your name & address and you'll be added to the list.

Similarly if you are on the list and wish not to take part this month then either PM or reply in this thread.

Any rules?

Nope, you are free to send whatever music you wish, and CD length can be as short or as long as you like. However please burn a CD of music and not MP3s as not everyone can playback mp3 CDs easily.


Oh, and I promise I won't include any McFly on mine this month :lol:

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I've already made half of mine. And it'll be a million times better, as I've now got most of my MP3s onto the new laptop so I can focus on more sunny tunes rather than a random splatter of aceness.

Keep up the good work Jimmy, we appreciate it! :lol:

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I'm all set for it this month because I watched High Fidelity again the other week.

Track one has to start with something that'll grab them, draw them into the tape.

Track two then raises the stakes, ups the pace a little.

Track three then cools it off. You don't want to play all your aces in your first hand.

In track four, we start to rebuild perceptions...

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We've been doing something similar to this over at chutney's for over a year now, and my music collection has got some real gems in it thanks to the cd's I've recieved.

The only difference with ours is that you burn a CD for everyone who wants it, so everyone gets a copy.

You can see our past tracklists (with the exception of half of electro's who never updated his - lazy git) here:


There looks like some good compilations there, I'd especially like to hear that cover versions 2-discer. What's Chutney all about, then?

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Mines pretty much done, but its largely commercial stuff. It was/is intended for an up and coming barbeque, so apologies if you were hoping to hear loads of new music receptant. I think I've got the track list down to a T though.

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Ok, i'm in. Are these CDs supposed to have a theme or stick to a genre or can you mix genres?

Put on whatever you want to. There are no rules with regards to musical choices.

Where do you send these too?

Have a look at the first post of this thread. Its all explained there.

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