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mine is, as they say, in the post. No nice cover art, but I did send it in a Jiffy bag - does that count ?

PS Whats the score with tracklistings - should they be posted here or kept secret to enhance the surprise ?

I wanted to know about the tracklistings too, not much fun making the CD if you don't get any feedback about it.

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We generally posted the tracklistings here after the person announced they had recieved them.

I've no printer anyway, so it won't be with mine.

I'm attempting to lean on a 'concept' for this one. Doing some 'great' songs every month is easily going to get old soon. So...it's taking longer than I planned.

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Ok, one lucky forumite will feel the warm glow of contentment tomorrow when they find my double-disc concept album extravaganza has dropped through their letterbox and directly into their heart.

Either that, or they'll think it's a bit shit. Either way, it lands tomorrow.

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will someone make this a sticky once people start to receive their compilations? Can't remember if that happened last time or not.

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Right, I wrote my CD at the weekend and meant to post it yesterday, but during the heavy rain I managed to drop the CD into a puddle trying to retrieve my keys.

Reckon it'll be alright to send, or will that have messed it up?

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