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Consolevania Battle Royal


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It's nothing like Smackdown.

It's a hundred times the game smackdown is.

Tell it like it is, brotha' - testify! Testify!

Giant Gram 2000 is great. If only someone actually remade it for the current generation of consoles, instead of it being stuck on the Dreamcast only...

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Good to see that Saturn's gone the tattoo route – after all, he could never look any worse, could he? :angry:

Oh, and has anyone got any suggestions on where to find a memory card save for Fire Pro Z with all the names edited into English (ala Winning Eleven, but with wrestlers)? My limited edition box set turned up today (complete with ripped lid... bastards), so I've got to sit down and get into it later...

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Lazy bastard.

That's half the fun!

Hey, I'm a high-flying journalist with too much... ahh, who am I kidding? I'm just lazy. Still, the link's all good and if I can't find an X-Port anywhere (or maybe a Max Drive) then perhaps I'll just type it all in myself. Perhaps.

EDIT: Getting an X-Port on Friday, thanks to my 'chums' at Datel. See? Being on my side of the fence does have benefits. :angry:

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