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Star Wars Galaxies Farstar players required


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With the news that from publish 10 badges will be required to progress to jedi, + The Warren being a very important badge to obtain towards that, I'm hoping to get a good few forum members together to try to get this badge. I'm thinking this weekend would be good, maybe sunday evening would suit most people.

Post here if you can make it please. I'll buff all who turn up + I'll have plenty of revive packs with me if required. ;)

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I have the 2 warren badges, but I will gladly come along if you need the help.

Corvette one is what I need but that may be a problem as its same factions only :lol:

In other words, sling it neemo :lol:

The more the merrier. :lol:

As for 'slinging it', duel? (my rules - I am the only competitor that's allowed to be buffed) :rolleyes:

If this is a Sunday event I might not be able to get on until 8pm and Sunday afternoon is out for me due to the football. So basically I can play on Saturday night (7pm ish onwards) or Sunday (8pm ish onwards).

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That's not what I heard you pandora addict!

I'm as crap at Pandora than I am at SWG!

On Sunday I thought I'd try the Hero of Tat. Got myself buffed up and went to the Squill cave. When I get there I'm attacked by some sort of super Tusken Raider 200K Ham knowks me out and does a death blow. Arghhhh!

Yesterday I decided to try again. Got buffed again. Didn't get mind buff this time because it's hard enough to find a medical buff outside of Coronet. I got lucky at the cave because a Jedi turned up and killed all the Squill. However I found the farmer that needs his family rescued. While in the cave killing kidnappers I get attacked by beetles , poisioned and incaped again. Along comes a kidnapper and DBs again. Double Arghhhh!!! ;)

The Hero of Tat missions are a bit easier with this map.

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Yeah but I just hope you don't need a stupid amount of badges, I mean I've 80-90, + you'd like to think that's enough!

You only need very specific badges.

Apparently according to the official test centre forums, players that user names begin with R will not be able to become Jedis. :(

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Ok, sunday night from 8pm seems to be the best bet, I'll be there at that time, no stragglers at 8.30pm after we've all died please! :)

Top-cat, having someone along with us who knows what is required would be greatly appreciated.

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No prob.

The trick to the warren is teamwork. Lots of mutant creatures and puzzles, mean tis very easy to get lost, and getting lost in there means, getting lost.

Getting the compassion badge involves a bit of luck though, as the npc you need to see has a habit of vanishing due to a bug.

A bug in swg? surely not :)

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Did you go back in?

I didn't bother. I thought I might get buffed up and go backlater. This morning when I got up I decided that I'd take a quick vist to Theed. Just in case I didn't need the letter. It turns out you don't. Only the evidence. B)

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