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Star Wars Galaxies Farstar players required


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Many apologies to all last night. It was a total balls up ;) Glad that everyone got their 2 badges (for what they are worth) but it turned into a farce of running round samey looking rooms with no enemies and less hope.

*shuffles off*

Ryanski, you do realise that getting the badges and all the proffs you have mastered, will only help you skip the quest part of the force trials (the fun part according to those in the know). You will then go stright on the the grind for the forse sensative boxes, which you need.........66 million combat xp to finish!!! I believe that you can trade the xp from all your skills, but seeing as you cap pretty early, don't expect any more than 20 million at best. How long do you think 46 million xp will take you? :blink:

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