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Spend Your Money On This

Hello Goaty ♥

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Mortal Kombat and STUN Runner are both out.

Edit: And Steel Talons.


The revised lineup is this:


Arch Rivals

Championship Sprint

Cyberball 2072

Gauntlet 2

Hard Drivin’

Kozmik Kroozr’

Mortal Kombat 3

Mortal Kombat II


Pit Fighter

Primal Rage

Rampage World Tour

Spy Hunter 2


Total Carnage

Wizard of Wor




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Mortal Kombat 2... sublime :(

These aren't... available to play over Live are they? :(

according to GamesTM they are not playable online over live, but live is used for scoreboards. it sounds like they have been given a new scoring system to work with this as well, which takes into account the numbers of credits used.

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I wonder if this is as dreadful as I remember it.

Gauntlet 2, though. :(

.::: "Red Warrior needs disc, badly!"

Alhough it's a bit shit if it will not be released for GC as well, it's the only console I have with a full set of four controllers.

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