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Neverwinter Nights


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On 21/08/2004 at 09:31, TheSlugFormerlyKnownAsNap said:

Neverwinter Nights is brilliant. It takes some time to get into and it's pretty heavy on dialogue and stats. But the interface is easy to use and intuitive, the storyline is interesting and it's a joy to play. And it's BIG. Like HUGE. And it looks good.


Resurrecting this just a bit after 17 years because having bought this back in 2004 as well, but just leaving it on the shelf through 4 house moves, I finally finished the main Neverwinter storyline on this, this week having got the enhanced edition on Steam in a fit of nostalgia a month back. 62 hours. It's funny how I thought the interface was a THUNDERING PAIN IN THE ARSE after the game UI journey we've been on and the game world felt tiny ... but the writing and animation was still brilliant .

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