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'official Outrun 2 Thread'


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Are the online time attack records broken?

Try racing against my ghost on Route 2 - you'll find I take a different route through the game, passing through the right turn barrier at the end of Palm Beach.

It's because that ghost was originally uploaded after finishing Route 5. So, it should be with the Route 5 ghosts but has been misplaced. ;)

Could be because both routes finish on the same level (Metropolis)?

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Taking a wander down to Game at lunchtime to purchase it, (the afternoon is so gonna drag).

I bought the demo but have lost my receipt so I'm hping that if I take the disc down as proof I will get the demo price off, no details were taken when I bought the demo.

Will ask about the special editiion with the soundtrack but will probably receive blank stares in response.

OUTRUN2!! ;)

Edit: No live play for me yet though :(

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I've had this on order with Amazon for a while, it says that it will take two weeks for me to get the game, oh well, no Xbox with me at University so at least it will make coming home worthwhile.

odd it says estimated date of delivery 2nd oct-3rd oct for me.

or am i missing something. so is it 29.99 at Game?

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I'm popping into Gamestation to trade my copy of (bleugh) Spiderman 2 for Outrun2 seeing as they've quoted me £18 for it which almost makes me feel like I'm ripping them off. So Outrun 2 for £20 and getting shut of Spiderman 2 in the same day. I'll settle for that.

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well after seeing

Availability: Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 weeks

right underneath

Dispatch estimate: Oct 1, 2004

Delivery estimate: Oct 2, 2004 - Oct 4, 2004

i've decided to head down ASDA later on this evening to pick up a copy. Screw Amazon those useless gits.

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I've got my copy! I'm all excited! So, the online is sublime?

there's a bit of frameskipping if there are lots of players onscreen, and the other cars seem to lag a bit, but the actual game is ace - the driving is the same as one-player but 7 other people are trying to do it faster. I've just played for 2 hours and I need to slow down my heart rate now.

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