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Ace Combat 5

Uncle Nasty

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Those pictures look very good. I've never played any Ace Combat title, is it geared towards arcade or simulation?. Or, does it manage to combine both?. The last flight simulator I played was Comanche 4 on the PC which I really enjoyed.

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Just wow!


Im 12 missions in, and so far the variety is amazing. The missions have so many twists on standard ace combat missions as well as some that require tasks other than shooting stuff down.

Mission 11 was so great! Its set in a new york type city thats just had a chemical attack. You're armed with bombs containing a cure and have to drop them on areas covered in yellow gas. The best bit is when you get rid of the gas, and then the terrorists are caught, but they get into a police chase with cops who ask you for help as you're nearby. The radio chatter here is great! You have your wingmen, the cops, terrorists and news radio all chattering away on proceedings.

And then the airport is under seige by the terrorists, who send attack chopppers to help their mates who have been cornered on a bridge by the cops!


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I've been playing this loads over the weekend, and I love it. <_< The mission design is definitely better than the previous game, and the visual improvements are lovely. It just feels so right when you're locked in a fast dogfight. I never want to play a realistic flight sim ever again. lol.

Well done NAMCO.

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I had forgotten about that cutscene with the coin. Oh well, I thought there might be a more interesting reason why I was stuck with the mission protecting the civilian airport.


i heard that on the radio on my mission,

Yuke commando's had invaded the city in order to set off that chemical attack, the airport was going to be their escape point but the wardogs spoilt that, so instead the yukes used low flying attack choppers to try and extract the commandos.

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Upto mission 20 and I have to say I'm loving everything about it. It's superior in everyway to AC04 I think. From the music (The snow levels :) ) to the missions to the gameplay. Oh and a mention has to go out for the story.

One of the things I remember about Ace cobat 3 was the music.....it was sweet.

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