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September Cd Mix Club


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...but Ive got stuff to sort this week so I probably won't be on much. Anyway, Final List will be made on Thursday 9th September and PMs will be sent the same day. Participants are:





jeff mills gran

David Heath






Nada Surf

Palo Alto


Johnny Gambler


Billy Brown






Space Reporter Ulala


Boozy The Clown







If your name is in red I just need confirmation that you want to take part, either by PM or replying in this thread. Your name is in red if you are new or you forgot to send a CD last time.



How does this work?

Every month you make a CD of whatever music you wish, which you send to another forumite. You will also receive a CD of music but from another different forum member. A PM will be sent to everyone taking part (normally a week into the month) with the name & address of the forum member you must send your CD to.

Can I join in?

Sure. If you want to join in just send a PM to me with your name & address and you'll be added to the list.

Similarly if you are on the list and wish not to take part this month then either PM or reply in this thread.

If you wish to rejoin, again just let me know.

Any rules?

Nope, you are free to send whatever music you wish, and CD length can be as short or as long as you like. However please burn a CD of music and not MP3s as not everyone can playback mp3 CDs easily.


I'm sure you all know the drill by now. ;)

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I'm trying something very different with this months CD, and as a result I will post the entire thing on the Internet in MP3 format after I've sent out the CD to my recipient.

I've been working on it for absolutely ages.

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Still got no August CD loving from Stebbo...

Yay! I've just gotten Stebbo's CD. It's gone right into the player and I'm a couple of tracks in. Massive promise so far :angry:

Edit: Yeah, I liked that. Going for a second listen. There's maybe one or two tracks that I might skip over - thrashy guitar ones. The CD really goes all over the place though in terms of genres though. Good work :D

Track list please!

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Strawps Tracklist:

1: the walkmen - the rat

2: Beta Band - squares

3: At The Drive In - One Arm Scissor

4: Beach Boys - Little Deuce coupe

5: Atari teenage Riot - Your Uniform

6: Belle and Sebbastion

7: Biffy Clyro - Eradicate The Doubt

8: Billy Talent - How It Goes

9: Daft Punk - Harder remix

10: death in Vegas - Dirge

11: EZ Rollers - Crowd Rocker

12: Flaming Lips - race for the Prize

13: Inspiral Carpets - This is How it Feels

14: Liz Fair - Rock Me

15: The Killers - On Top

16: Madrugada - Majesty

17: Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues

Glad you liked :(

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1-Mare-They Sent You

2-Desert City Soundtrack-Drowning Horses

3-From Autumn To Ashes-Autumns Monolouge

4-Biffy Clyro-57

5-Poison The Well-Today

6-Avenged Sevenfold-I Wont See You Tonight Pt1



9-Hondo Maclean-Asia Argento

10-The Appleseed Cast-Rooms and Gardens


12-AFI-But Home Is Nowhere/This Time Imperfect

What did you think of it overall?

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My CD has taken over a month, and has been 'finished' twice so far.

Even now I'm considering taking apart the entire last half of the thing and re-doing it.

Hopefully this will be something very different to anything anyone else is doing.

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