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Shenmue Online Trailer

Yami Yugi

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Reactions list in chronological order:

Phwoaar, Joy! And, er, what's up with the guy typing on the keyboard? Typing???

No, Lan-Di! What's he doing with Joy??

Yay, Ryo's here to kick ass!

And so's the martial arts master lass!

Yay, it has a plot!

Go Ryo, kick their asses! It'll be like when you saved Nozomi in the first game all over again, you big asexual hero you! (Wonder where Ren and Joy's many, many friends are though?)

Oh noes, Lan-Di has a knife, what're you going to do?

Er... :blink:


Oh my god, this game is going to SUCK :o

[*hopes CGI is in no way indictive of gameplay, or will be forced to cry into soup*]

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