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Pretty Girls Make Graves - 2 Album Release/reissue


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Ahhh. I was hoping this would happen some time or other.

http://www.prettygirlsmakegraves.com/ [MP3s on site]

They're a balls out indie punky rock band, who piss from a great height over all the nu-punk type generic American bands who are too lazy to even attempt something remotely close to what these guys do.

Their tunes are simple, taught and hard. They're played skillfully, articulately and hard.

Some electro work is slid in to keep things exciting, but the vocal work more than does it for me. Female vocals crying, yelping and calling amidst the evolved indieised hardcore sounds. The backing vocals swaying and skipping hand in hand with the twin guitar sea-saw takes it to another plain. Sharp and militant pacey drum work with the tent pole pounding bass work...ahhhhhh.

Now they've finally gotten around to releasing their [superior] debut album in the UK. Hooorah! The original I had to hunt down a while back had only 9 AMAZING tracks on it, this apparently has 13.


You can also get their 2nd/latest album, 'The New Romance', which I think is also getting a nice cheapo reissue!


If you like this, and want something more 'epic' or weighty, take a plop for some '... And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead', which I was inspired to spin after some 4 straight repeats of 'Good Health' yesterday.

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I heard a song by them that started with a really catchy little guitar melody.

Any ideas?

Oh, and they were pretty good at Leeds.

Their recent single was 'The Teeth Collector' (erm, I think); and that's got a really distinctive wee riff throughout.

PGMG are great. The only thing I take issue with is the vocals; they're okay, just a bit meh. They're the type of melody that'd sound great if she'd put a bit more oomph into them, although she seems to be stuck in 90's Indie world. Definitely interested to hear what they come up with in the future, though.

And I think we're really going to need to give Trail of the Dead a thread of their own soonish (tongue-twister?); their new album's finally got a street date. Yay!

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