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Uncovered: The War On Iraq


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Watched this tonight and although it doesn't really tell us anything we didn't know already, it's still an extremely powerful deconstruction of the Bush administration's handling of the whole affair.

What's most striking is the chronology of it all, watching the positions of the various players shift as time moves on. It's pretty shocking to have it all edited together.

Shitloads of experienced and senior ex-officials contribute. Ex-CIA and Whitehouse folk, most with double digit years of experience in their respective fields. Very interesting indeed to hear their thoughts.

Whatever your position on the war, if you're at all interested in all of this it's well worth a look:



Official site:


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I think the fact it didn't really have any new information or 'take' on the war made it extreemly tedious.

It's not meant to bring any new info into the public domain though. It's a consolidation of a number of expert views contrasted with the information peddled by the government.

Like I said the chronology of it all was particularly striking, I thought. People might already be aware of the info but it's not all been compiled in this way into a single documentary until now.

It's just as good as Outfoxed, imo. That doesn't tell us anything new either, but it's still interesting.

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