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Radiohead's Best Song..


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I've decided that Exit Music is my all-time favourite Radiohead song.

Of course, I've spent the last six years despising Radiohead fans and everything they satand for (i.e. a love of increasingly shit music), but, much to my surprise, I recently discovered that they have once again found their musical tastebuds:



Just keep away from the winter tour. You're only allowed to turn up if your pretty and intense and are the owner of a pink feather boa B)

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Ban request for anyone who says Pop Is Dead

Dead inside, more like! Chortle!

Ban request for phillipa fucking chicken. Why some fool has to dig up the sordid past of a successful band, when everyone knows they're bound to be unlistenable, is beyond me.

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I have a soft spot for Kid A (excellent drums). Mental imagery of Thom spazzing out to it in Manchester last year abounds! The poor gog-eyed bastard.

Kid A live was simply amazing.

Did they play it at the Apollo gig or MEN? Pretty sure it was the Apollo. Which was a much better gig than the big Christmas one. So intense.

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