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Radiohead's Best Song..


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Kid A live was simply amazing.

Did they play it at the Apollo gig or MEN? Pretty sure it was the Apollo. Which was a much better gig than the big Christmas one. So intense.

Didn't go to the MEN; I hate that fecking place, far too big and horrible sounding.

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Talk Show Host is brilliant, it's just about 1 minute too long.

Have you heard the shortened version from Romeo and Juliet with all the strings and that? That's bloody wonderful, that is.

In response to he who said Pop Is Dead; I reckon Lewis(Mistreated) is nearly as bad.

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I've just read through this thread and am completely amazed that no-one went for "Just"*, which gets my vote. Good video as well.

I was waiting for someone to say that!

For Radiohead, it was a fairly rocky song (thought compared to what they produced on OK Computer) and the video indeed is both fucked and genius

*Man lies on pavement. Doesn't say why.*

*Just use subtitles, everyone stares and freaks out about why mental case is lying on pavement*

*And why? We will never know unless you are a good lip reader and everyone JUST lies down.*

See the link there!!!!!

Plus I am a Radiohead Amateur as I am mostly into stuff that isn't made by them.

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