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Retrogamer Issue 8


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Taken from the Retro Gamer Forums...

Martyn Carroll - Live Publishing Staff Member

Full issue 8 details will appear early next week, but here's a taster as to what you can expect...

First up we lift the lid on the Konix Multi System, with interviews with the people behind the ill-fated console, and 40 minutes of never-before-seen video on the coverdisc (showing actual rolling footage of many Konix games including Hammerfist, Last Ninja 2 and Mutant Camels 1989). Then the countdown to your all-time favourite game begins, taking in numbers 100 to 51, and throwing up a few surprises on the way.

Issue 8 also includes features on shoot-em-up specialists Treasure, Taito's Bubble Bobble, the ultra-rare Ultima: Escape from Mount Drash, and the classic run-and-gun Turrican series. Archer Maclean reveals his Desert Island Discs, and we celebrate the Dreamcast's fifth birthday. Plus – and this is the big one – there are over 50 original Graftgold games on the coverdisc, including such classics as Uridium, Paradroid, Quazatron and Fire & Ice.

Retro Gamer 8 will be available from Tuesday 28th September 2004.

Craig Vaughan - Forumite

As you’ll discover, the Konix story is one of hope, innovation, lies and deception…

If you have a quick gander on the net you’ll find VERY little about the machine. The most I could find was 3 screenshots of games taken from magazines of the era, a lot of press interest re the machine in production and precious little else!

Then I got lucky and found folk very close to the project who were willing to talk. One of them recalled taking a video camera with him whenever he went to meetings with software publishers and third party software tool designers all those years ago…

Obviously the chances of finding this footage (which includes bloopers!) stood at about zero...

Cue one long, desperate and finally victorious search, followed by three days of converting the video footage so it would play on your average PC (ever tried restoring and converting 15 year old crumbling tape?)

What you are left with is the definitive story told by ‘the main man inside Konix’, ‘the company that designed the software development tools’, ‘the guy from Flare who designed the CPU’ and ‘the guy who wrote the best game for the system that never was’

To go with the text, we have 40 minutes of previously unseen, historically significant video footage that brings what many thought was ‘Konix vapourware’ right into your home.

On the 15th anniversary of the machine’s conception, what better way to tell the story than by letting the machine speak for itself?!

Should be good!


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i thought we established the fact that there weren't any konix multisystem conversions of hammerfist, last ninja etc.. they were all amiga versions running on mocked up hardware? or was this wrong?

Guess issue 8'll spill the beans, huh?

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what retro games era does this magazine mostly review/feature games for? arcade/8bit home computers? Or the 8bit consoles and 16 bit consoles (including amiga?).

Just wondered, thanks.

At the moment, the main coverage has been Spectrum, C64, BBC, Atari 8-bits/ST machines.

However, staff have assured us that a decent range of 8/16 bit computers/consoles will be covered over time.

They're only on issue 8, so they've only scratched the surface at the moment.


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