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Rllmuk Arcade Cab Pics


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Nice looking machine!

Any chance you can re-size the pictures, as they're huge at the moment!

Here's a shot of my uprights...


From left to right: JAMMA cab with vertical monitor, Neo Geo 4-slot, Twin Outrunners (linked), OutRun Deluxe.

Missing from the photo are my Asteroids and Space Invader cocktail tables.

gozaimas, have you plugged bog standard JAMMA PCBs into your cab? I've tried it with mine, and due to some weird grounding problem that I'm still trying to investigate I get some or all of the following symptoms:

- No sound

- Some directions/buttons not working

- Sound working, but clicking from the speakers

I know this could be partially to do with the way the 4-slot (and I think it applies to the 6 as well) is not a true JAMMA pinout as it has Stereo speaker output.

I'm in the process of building a Neo Geo 4-slot - JAMMA adaptor, which solves the problem of certain directions not working, but I've yet to get the sound working.

Another question. Any MVS games you can recommend? I have a fair number. Off the top of my head, these are:

Metal Slug 2

Metal Slug 3

Puzzle Bobble 2


Blazing Star

Blues Journey

Pop n Bounce

That really early golf game

Some crap soccer game



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I have tried a Jamma board and it did work ok in my cab- Not sure why that's not the case for you...

the MVS gaes I always have in my cab are:

Metal slug 3

Neo Turf masters (The absolutebest golf game on the system)

Shock Troopers 1 (not the 2nd one mind)

Last Blade 2

Street Slam (great fun in 2 player basketball)

Windjammers (Flying Disk Game in Japanese :) A great take on air hockey)

These are my favourites anyway. Sonic Wings 3 is good for shooter fans. Breakers revenge is the best street fighter clone on the ne and, of course, you can now get an MVS cart version of snk vs capcom. I'm yet to invest though...

By the way - I love that little green neo four slot- I eremember when that was on ebay and it caused huge waves in the neo-geo.com scene as no-one had seen one like it before. A very cool little cab.

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Hi gozaimas (and all),

Thanks for the info.

I have a feeling that the reason why JAMMA PCBs are so glitchy on that Neo Geo cab is that the previous owner at one point MAMEd the machine, and then converted it back. I think that there is a serious grounding issue somewhere. Hopefully my adaptor will sort that out.

The grounding issue doesn't affect the 4-slot or a bootleg Robocop PCB though - most odd!

Cheers for the list of recommendations. I'll have a look at Klov for those.

Neo Turf Masters - That's the golf game I have.


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Build up to it... get yourself a lovely Jamma/ mvs style cab first- get to know this ins and outs of it and how everything works so you're better equipped to tackle a bigger machine. That way you'll get to see if homke arcades are the thing for you or if you're better off sticking to the little consoles :blink:

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