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Running A Dreamcast In A Cabinet...


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Anyone ever tried to do this or has any advice?

It seems like a cheaper option than buying a whole whopping Naomi set-up.

there appear to be two routes:

Firstly: This dedicated Naomi board with DC adapter available at Fillmore games:


or this: a MGDC route


This first seems a lot sim[pler but is a fair bit more expensive (around £250). the second (the actual MGDC converter that is) costs around £50 but looks very messy.

Any clues or advice?

*looks for DCM*

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I might be missing your point (perhaps you don't want to do any soldering), but you can just butcher an RGB SCART lead and a pad/arcade stick to do the job.

It's messy, but it works - I've done it myself.

There a page here but IIRC the DC outputs composite sync (I'm using an official RGB lead, not sure if it matters), so you may not have to build that additional sync-stripper circuit - it just depends on how fussy your monitor is.

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