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Do You Play Online Poker?


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i have recently just started playing poker online. it's great fun.

does any of you also play? and how are you doing?

i'm playing at very low limit texas holdem. i'm doing ok, make about $20 a day and i play for about 2-3 hours a day. but soon i will be moving up to $1-2 tables.

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Players in independant communication are more of a concern than bots!

Not really. The problem with bots is that they can play hundreds of tables at a time, and "learn" from what happens. Human players can't track many games at a time, so you're less likely to encounter dodgy ones. Plus, whats stopping someone having more than one bot playing the same table, and having them communicate?

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Well, I play a lot of online casino games and am involved in a few separate casino gaming communities and I haven't ever seen a working bot to play a game against the casino (ie a game with a fixed, perfect strategy for every eventuality) let alone play against humans. I would be surprised if there are any bots successfully making money against human players on any large scale.

On the other hand, there are many forums and irc channels where people meet specifically to join the same poker room tables and cheat.

Maybe I'm wrong.

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I play a lot on PokerRoom. You can have play money and real money accounts. There are lots of different poker games to play (including Texas Hold'em), tournaments, private tables, etc. The tables have a little chat thing in the corner, if you like that sort of thing.

I usually go on the 10-20 USD no-limit tables. Start off with 800 USD. Been doing well recently and usually get anything from 2-5000 USD back per night.

I have heard of groups of players all on one table all in the same room comparing hands to fleece other players, but never seen it. I wouldn't be surprised though. Still, it's only play money.


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