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Jack Black - Loves Pgr2


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It was more that he managed to finish it on platinum that it impressed me.

Famous people can be good at videogames too, shocker...



Nah I'm just messing about. I do find it weird that so many people (not so much you in this case) post about how famous people play games as if to say, "well he plays videogames and he's cool, so I can too!".

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At least PGR2 is fun.

Kudos to Mr Black though.



PGR2 > TRD2.

Framerate, collision damage, car models, choice of vehicles, sense of speed and imho, the Live! mode. All of these things makes TRD2 the superior racer for the time being.

Purefax etc.

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I've played PGR2 for 300+ hours, in that time i've clocked up a air amount of kudos and generally got a lot from the game. It's a nice racer, but it's very lacking, it seems too polished in parts, and not enough in others. The add on packs are fantastic, and continue to ensure this is a game I still delve into now and again.

TRD2 is a different kettle of fish. With this game I can be trundling along in a supertruck, or go crazy in gt40, or a skyline, or a lancer, or a nascar type thing, or a formula race car, the list is almost endless. Sure it's not as customisable as other racers, but the amount of tracks and vehicles are enough to keep you coming back. I find the level of detail intriguing, and i love learning new ways to turn different corners, or shave that lap time a little more. If you smash into a side barrier in PGR2, you bounce straight off (generally) but if you do the very same in TRD2, you're out - I love it. The kudos system tries to make you drive better and more efficiently, but with an inferior physics model, I don't feel like i'm driving half the cars on project gotham.

Also, on toca, listen to the skyline's engine as you change up the gears. It's dreamy.

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Nah, I've played 2. I'm not much of a racing man, but I thought it was pretty bloody poor. But come on - this thread's been derailed enough. Jarius should start his own dull comparison thread if he wants to show how much better his favourite game is.

ok, Jack Black rocks. rocks with those fucking MIND BULLETS.

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And you played 300+ hours on PGR2???

It's more than my yearly total playing time, poker included.

Rolling my eyes, head, knees, whatever.

Bloody hell eh!

I don't dislike project gotham, i was just joking there! See my other post about what i think about the game...


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