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Not Quite Sold On The Ds Yet?


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Whats Pac'n'Roll, I've only seen Pac-Pix, er pics, recently?

It's a 3D sort of PacMan game where you roll PacMan round by spinning him using the stylus.

That probably doesn't help at all. I saw a video of it quite recently though (in with a bunch of other games).

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metroid and mario have sold me. mario just looks amazing. i probobly would have paid for a straight port cause im a fan-boy, but mario just seems to look even better than it did on the n64. i don't know why people were talking about the sega game so much, there wasn't much to see from the video. is there any other info about it?

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I'll buy this purely because I am a Nintendo whore......

As for the lack of an analogue stick, it is slightly worrying how easy it will be to cope playing 3D games without one, but on the other hand analogue sticks wear very quickly. It's easy enough to replace a joypad, but replacing an analogue stick in a hand-held console...thats a different matter.

I really like the idea of the thumb stylus, it should allow a more normal grip of the console than using the normal stylus, although it will induce the 'looking like a twat' feeling I expect.

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