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What's In A Name?

Fry Crayola

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Which instantly reminded me of:


now that was an ace name.

Simplicity wins when it comes to game names...

If they had have named Silent Hill, Paranoid Moron in Monsterville.

If they had have called Metal Gear Solid, Sneaky Boy.

If they had have called Mario Bros, The Adventures of a Plumber who does no Plumbing Whatsoever.

Things would have been so much better.

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Vagrant = homeless, drunk, bum = tramp

Story = tale = tail = cock



That's what the guys at Square were thinking.

Vib Ribbon. I don't know why, but I love the word ribbon. I love those ribbon cables you get with the steel battalion controller, they feel fantastic. Also, the word VIB seems to just escape from your mouth really quickly. VIB.

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Really like Devil May Cry. I think Resident Evil was once great but the name is tarnished somewhat because it's been in the limelight for so long now. Agree that Katamari Damacy is a great name. I also quite like Splinter Cell. Jet Set Radio rocks. Battle Engine Aquila has a certain charm but falls short I think because the game wasn't up to much. Deus Ex has some style but is a little cryptic and perhaps a bit geeky.

Some good names:


Splinter Cell (just the first one)

Jet Set Radio (just the first one)

Katamari Damacy

Battle Engine Aquila

Deus Ex

Devil May Cry (again, only the original)

Kingdom Hearts



Wild Arms

Radiant Silvergun


Guilty Gear X

Rainbow Six (just the original again)

Anything generic, with hyphens, colons or numbers is terrible. As is anything too geeky and/or anything that just tries too hard.

Some examples of poor names:


Dragon's Lair

Dead or Alive

Crash Bandicoot 5: Wrath of Cortex

Champions of Norath: Realms of Everquest

England International Football

Eternal Ring

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

Gradius IV

Driving Emotion Type-S

H30 Surfing

Some may notice almost all of my examples are from PS2 games. I scanned a full list of UK titles until I got bored, these are my resutls.

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yes: Biohazard, Panzer Dragoon, Xenosaga, Super Mario Sunshine, rRootage, Metal Slug, Gunstar Heroes, Gran Turismo, Chaos Legion, Naruto.

no: Resident Evil, Quantum Redshift, Halo, Project Gotham, Star Wars, Time Crisis, Robocop vs. Terminator, Great Giana Sisters, Shadowrun, anything with a real person's name ie. Colin McRae's Dirt Splat Drive-a-Thon, Tiger Woods' Stick/Ball Connection 2004, Tony Hawk's Repeating Cycle of Dinge, Frank Bruno's Boxing etc.

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Super Mario Brothers

Yes they were brothers, fair do's, but only 1 of them was called Mario. I mean c'mon. Why didn't they just call it The Super Plumber Brothers Adventures In The Mushroom Kingdom. Rolls off the tongue much more easily.

The Legend Of Zelda

Well, correct me if I'm wrong but surely it was actually the Legend Of Link, the hero rescuing fair maidens, and not some ropey tarts heritage who kept getting kidnapped by a pig. Hmm?

Mega Man or Rockman

Neither Mega nor Rock and certainly not a Man. More of an android really. Should've been called Billy The Android's Perilous Journey. Much more accurate.

Resident Evil

Although they did reside in the mansion they weren't really Evil were they? More sort of maladjusted. Maldajusted And Hungry For Brains: A Zombies Tale would've been a better name IMO.

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