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Count me as another Walking Dead fan. I bought the first trade and greatly enjoyed it: good characters that anchored the book in humanity, great art, believable scenes and some startling shocks. If I've enough money I'll get the second trade next time I'm comic shopping.

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I particularly enjoyed -

Click For Spoiler
When Allen called one of the female survivors a 'cunt'

Donna getting violently eaten

The survivors' slow realisation that everything's been destroyed and the goverment aren't coming for them

Rick wasting zombies with a small axe

Tyreese wasting zombies with a hammer

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Only in Japan could a comic about bread be made exciting and funny.

I'm talking about Yakitate Japan which has more puns than something which has a lot of puns. The latest translated chapter has the main character, Azuma Kazama, making Cannabis Bread (made with the seeds of cannabis) to defeat an opponent who has copied his bread making skills from the best evil baker in the world. Throw in a Clown who is the Judge, newly crowned Ruler of Monaco and has the ability to Multiply himself, a samurai bread maker and 3 french bakers who combine to make a super Bread making form.

Did I mention that there are people with Afros, koala heads, Lion heads, Solar hands, Solar Gauntlets, Goddess Ultima fingers and stuff.

I want to make bread now :)

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Yup. I like it. Wasn't too sure at first, but I like the fact that no one is safe from death. I'm sure the main character will be killed at one point.

Its pretty brutal and his penchant for topless ladys is quite unsettling. His artwork is brillant too, it kinda reminds me of Battle Royale alot.

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Much as I loved the old Battle and G.I Joe comics as a kid (Larry Hama's work on the latter was especially great, moreso considering it was for a licensed property, with the all-silent issues in particular being revolutionary at the time), there was little chance of me ever being interested in picking them up these days. Then I stumbled on this quote on Comic Book Resources:

There are huge developments coming up on the other Devil's Due title Seeley works on, "G.I. Joe." In a recent blog posting at Myspace.com, Devil's Due president, Josh Blaylock wrote the following about "G.I. Joe," "THE WAR WILL END... ONE WILL DIE... AND THE RED SHADOWS WILL RISE."'

The Red Shadows? The motherfucking Red Shadows? They were never a part of the US story, only the UK one and they were cool as fuck. Nazis in bright red outfits screaming 'BLOOD FOR THE BARONNNNNN!' as they tried to take over the world. They were way cooler than poxy Cobra and had all kinds of wierd shit, brainwashed Majors, mad Japanese geeks, underwater monsters and what was basically a TIE Fighter made out of a massive bright red skull and armed to the fucking teeth.

Now I'm intruiged. Sure, it'll probably be utter bobbins but I'll give it a chance for old times sake. The original stories were classic UK war comic writing - grim, stoic and seriously melodramatic and po-faced but in a good way. It was an edge the US series lacked but made up with through better writing and characterisation, plus Hama's sly sense of humour and it'll be interesting to see how/if it will be included in the current series.



Sean's the only other one on here who knows what the fuck I'm on about right? Thought so.

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l don't like Bendis, l throughly dislike Avengers arc, or his plans for X-men - can it get any worse?, apparently so. The guy comes off as really arrogant and while l enjoyed Alias his stuff is so-so and he frequently reuses his ideas over and over.

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Y'see you're kind of wrong... Although Disassembled was an absolute hackjob, New Avengers is actually really good. In fact the only thing I'd take Bendis to task for is his almost Byrne-like contempt towards continuity.

Yes, I know Marvel continuity is an absolute mess, but if the Purple Man is orchestrating evil stuff over in New Thunderbolts and Mach VI's motivation for forming said New Thunderbolts is the Disassemblement* of the Avengers you can't suddenly plonk old Purple chops in jail 'cause he's ret-con raped the girlfriend of the c-list character you want to write into your all-star line up.

Or maybe it's Fabian Niceza's fault. However I'm willing to give Fab's the benefit out of the doubt 'cause he's writing Deadpool right again. And because he didn't ressurrect fucking Cutthroat. Seriously; the Marvel universe is full of shitty black masks without bringing back Diamondback's disposable brother. You want a one frame villain to punch Spidey? Get Batroc. At least he'd do it with a French accent.

So anyway... Anyone check out We3's finale? And is anyone marking out for the new Runaways series? Ricochet making a comeback makes up for Millar hacking up Hornet...

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Has anyone read Powers by Bendis?

Just want to know if it is any good, thats all  :ph34r:

I read my mates books then starting picking up the monthlies. Having said that, I don't really rate it too highly. For a supposed Superhero / Crime crossover, there's really not much whodunit type tension. The characters are pretty good and I like the art but the plots seem a bit rushed or something.

EDIT:If you want some good Copper / Superhero action, read Top 10 by Alan Moore

About my favourite thing Bendis has done is the autobiographical thing on getting one of his comics made into a film, Fortune & Glory. It's still only ok though. I haven't read any of his mainstream superhero stuff.

Caped crimefighters I have enjoyed in the last while have been the Supreme Power series by J. Michael Stracyznski. His writing is superb - great, meaty characters with fantastic dialogue*. No infinite universes / continuities to distract or put off the uninitiated either: Check it

He's also done a series called Rising Stars which I really like: It starts here

*unlike that Whedon fella. I haven't read much X Men but I got the astonishing issues on the recommendation of the guy in the shop. That wise-cracking Buffy style gets on my fucking tits no end. It's a shame cos the plot is pretty good...

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