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Championship Sprint


10p just seemed to last ages (when you were as good as I was). :ph34r:

yes! spent a lot on that game.. used to go to my local arcade between classes playing the likes of championship sprint, ghosts 'n goblins, outrun, commando, chase hq, mikie and bomb jack.

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Mr.Do! The one game I always looked forward to playing, when visiting Weymouth during the Summer.

Sky Kid Another fave of mine again from playing it at Weymouth, it always seemed louder than the other cabs.

Dig Dug Similar to Mr.Do! and again great fun.

Defender and Stargate Wow! Defender was amazing and thanks to my modded Xbox I can enjoy both.

Daytona USA 1 & 2 What can I say, it fucking perfect. Utterly superb fun for anyone.

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Turtles brings back early memories from my arcade gaming days. I reckon its gotta be 10 years since I played it now. The SNES Turtles In Time was and still is good so maybe I'm thinking it plays like that?

A fair bit, yeah.

I think TMNT has aged better than the Simpsons game. The former still gets MAME play from me, whilst the latter was turned off after one go.

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100's of choices, so many great games. What would DCM choose? Well I'll tell you all.

New Zealand Story


Daytona USA

Street Fighter II

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (It's still a good scrolling beat em up)

New Zealand Story


Final Fight

Section Z

Virtua Cop

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