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Thirteen Senses - The Invitation


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Anyone else bought this? Sloppy but effective shorthand describes this as typical Coldplay/Keane stuff. It's not as instant as 'Hopes and Fears' but I'm thinking it will have more longevity for those who hammered that album to death in May.

To paraphrase someone on the forum when they were describing the Keane album - this is more warm hugs for your ears.

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The last single they did was great. Good Coldplay-style uplifiting-track-that-you-can-sing-along-to-but-with-hidden-dark-bits-to-give-it-depth kind of thing.

Comparing them to Keane is a little unfair. You can listen to a track without wanting to smash the singer's face in, for a start.

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Its way more Coldplayish then 'Keany' to my ears.

'Gone' could have come straight off Rush of Bloodt to the head.

There's also some manchestery type influences on the second half of the album...Last Forever and History spund distinctly like the Doves last record.

I really like it anyway....faw less mawkish then much of Hopes and fears

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