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Got that wow factor whilst listening to Zane Lowe on Radio One on my home from work last night. He played the new single by Bloc Party - Helicoptors and it completely blew me away.

Now a few hours later with the aid of slsk I've assembled a small collection of their output to date (no album yet :blink: ) and I'm very impressed.

Remind me very much of Blur circa 'Blur' album era, (the vocal is very Damon) but with the energy of The Strokes and the buzzy guitar lines of Interpol. Certainly to my mind far better then the likes of Franz Ferdinane or The Futureheads (neither of which I rate at all as you may have gathered).

Anyone been entranced by them yet? Are they worth checking out live?

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No, they're quite alright. In theory, it shouldn't work, what with vocalist who sounds like he's the president of the i luv robert smith fanclub, singing over rehashed gang of four/joy division/the fall/minutemen/PiL etc tunes.

But the songs are good, the melodies are catchy, and the rhythm section is tight.

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What? He sounds almost EXACTLY the same as that big goth poof.

No he doesn't ....he sounds distinctly like Damon actually...


p.s. I liked 'banquet' by Bloc Party.


Ms Lavigne est tres bon

and all who disagree are wrong (and have no sense of fun)

and helicoptor is way better then banquet

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Can't see any resemblance to R. Smith in the vocal style myself.

I've liked these guys for a while, after one of my mates recommended them to me. Very energetic band, especially the busy drumming style, and I like the way they throw in odd little time signature changes, like the bit in 7/8 time at the end of Little Thoughts.

You can hear their influences certainly, but it's not as brazen as some other bands I could mention. I shall certainly be picking up their album.

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I always knew everyone who posted in the music folder was half deaf, and this just confirms it.

Saw the video to Little Thoughts again this morning mate. I closed my eyes and tried to picture Roberta Smith, but it just wasn't happening.

I mean, R. Smith's voice is very exaggerated and whiny, and the guy from Bloc Party's voice, well...isn't.

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great band, caught them live on monday at the Cockpit in leeds. good live performance, although the crowd was a bit static - i think that might of been because not many people have heard more than the singles.

there is a mini album out there by the way - http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B...6526955-1895643

its worth a look if you can find it cheaper (got mine in france for about £5, it has a black cover but the same track listing).

can't wait to hear a full length album from them.

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  • 2 months later...

Doesn't anybody else find the lyrics really really embarrassingly awful? They're just weak. Which wouldn't be too bad if they weren't so self-consciously 'intellectual' and self-important. That fucks me right off. I'm not a great big fan of the singing either to be honest. Which is a shame as despite being pretty blandly derivative the music has a unique drive and vigour to it.

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Haven't really listened to the lyrics, so can't comment.

Their debut album cover is terrible:


yes, yes it is.

get this fact: someone I know on my course is/was (not sure) going out with Russel from the band and she did the covers for the EP and the single Helicopter and some other one, for free. But the label or record execs or the other band members told her she couldn't do the album cover and were getting a 'real' designer in instead.

great result guys!!!

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