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What Is Your Latest Dvd

Del Boy

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So nice and simple, what is your latest DVD?(if this has been done im sorry, searched 3 pages and nothing so i assume its not there.)

Mine came this morning.

Bruce Lee 30th anniversary commemorative edition(yes play at last got it in)

Ali G in da USAiii

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Wonderful Days "Limited Original Edition" - Korean


It's a marmite film for sure, with many people adoring and hating in equal measure. I basically got this version of the film because I love it so much and the extra scenes (especially in the bar with the dancer) flesh it out a little more. It's a 3 disc set with completely redesigned menus and some great DVD-ROM only content on disc 3 showing detailed pics of all the miniatures and other production stuff. The film still has one of the greatest DTS tracks I've ever heard, especially the motorcycle scenes and the ECOBAN fight at the end.

If you're a fan of the film, it's a nice collectable. ;) And if you go for nice packaging, it's one of the best DVD boxes I've seen in a while with a huge fold out poster.

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The House of the Flying Daggers, well worth watching and owning at the price cd-wow were going it for (about £7), looks and sounds stunning on my setup.

Now I just have to find a decent transfer of the red lantern.

Renting wise I've got the three colour trilogy out at the moment, not sure what to make of the first one - blue.

Also watched Master and Commander last night, all the creaking of the ship via the rear speakers made me feel sea sick.

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